We have spun up a better product, Notion2Email.

Send your Notion pages as HTML emails.
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A Notion page...

Send an Email Form
Send an Email Form

...sent as an email!! 🤯

NotionMail email example

Notion as an HTML Email Builder

Turn any Notion page into an HTML email. Send to anyone.

Premier Notion Page Email Service

All we want is the Notion page and a list of people to send it to!

Form automations

When a visitor submits a form, a webhook triggers an email to be sent.

Simple Bulk Email Sending

There's no upper limit on how many emails you can send through NotionMail.

Load email addresses from Notion table...

Notion table of subscribers
Send an Email Form

..into NotionMail as your mailing list (aka recipients) 📤

NotionMail email example


Pricing is simple. Your first 7 days are free, after that we will invoice you.


/ mo

  • Unlimited Recipients
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Notion pages
  • Unlimited Form Automations
  • Unlimited Everything, really...
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